The Evo4
The Evo4
The Evo4
The Evo4
The Evo4
The Evo4
The Evo4
The Evo4
The Evo4
The Evo4
The Evo4
The Evo4

The Evo4

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Our Amazing Evo4 Features

  • HOOD: Can Be Extended To Shade Baby From The Sun
  • SEAT: Extra Roomy, Well Padded Seat
  • LEG REST: Lifts To Give Support When Baby Is Asleep
  • ADJUSTABLE BACKREST: Baby Can Sleep Or Sit Up See The World With This
  • EXTENSION: Pull-Out Extension
  • HOOD: Extendable Hood
  • CARRYCOT: Sits High On The Chassis Above The Traffic Pollution
  • COVER: Extra-Large Cover
  • VENTILATION PANEL: Gives Lots Of Fresh Air To Baby
  • CHANGING BAG: Stylish Changing Bag Comes Included
  • ADDITIONAL POCKETS: For Accessories
  • Carrycot: The Extra-Large, Ultra-Light Carrycot Is Made Of EPP
  • INTERIOR: Luxurious Padded Interior For Baby's Comfort
  • Easily Clicks On And Off The Chassis
  • CHANGING BAG: Stylish Changing Bag Clips Onto Handle
  • Whether It's The Car Seat, The Carrycot Or The Seat Unit, It Clicks In And Out Instantly
  • BRAKE: Easy Push On, Push Off Brake
  • BASKET: Practical, Roomy Basket
  • GEL TYRES: Puncture-Free Gel Tyres Give A Super Smooth Ride
  • WHEELS: Wheels Are Easy To Remove
  • SWIVEL WHEELS: Swivel Wheels For Town
  • LOCKED STRAIGHT: Locked Straight For The Rugged Countryside
  • DRIVING STABILISER: The Driving Stabiliser Effortlessly Keeps You Straight Even On Rough Ground
  • COVER: Beautiful, Padded Cover Is Included
  • HARNESS: One Pull Is All It Takes To Adjust This 3-Point Harness
  • BAG CLIPS: Bag Clips To The Handlebar
  • STRAP: Strap For Attaching To Other Luggage
  • SHOULDER STRAPS: Removable Shoulder Straps
  • CHANGING MAT: Changing Mat Included

our awesome evo4 features

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  • HOOD: Can be extended to shade baby from the sun
  • SEAT: Extra Roomy, well padded seat
  • lEG REST: lifts to give support when baby is asleep
  • ADJUSTABLE BACKREST: Baby can sleep or sit up see the world with this
  • EXTENSION: Pull-Out Extension
  • HOOD: Extendable Hood
  • CARRYCOT: sits high on the chassis above the traffic pollution
  • cOVER: extra-Large Cover
  • VENTILATION PANEL: Gives lots of fresh air to baby
  • CHANGING BAG: Stylish Changing Bag comes included
  • aDDITIONAL POCKETS: for accessories
  • carrycot: the extra-large, ultra-light carrycot is made of ePP
  • iNTERIOR: luxurious padded interior for baby's comfort
  • easily clicks on and off the chassis
  • CHANGING BAG: Stylish changing bag clips onto handle
  • whether it's the car seat, the carrycot or the seat unit, it clicks in and out instantly
  • bRAKE: Easy push on, push off brake
  • BASKET: practical, roomy basket
  • gEL TYRES: Puncture-free gel tyres give a super smooth ride
  • wHEELS: Wheels are easy to remove
  • SWIVEL WHEELS: Swivel wheels for town
  • lOCKED STRAIGHT: locked Straight for the rugged countryside
  • DRIVING STABILISER: the driving stabilizer effortlessly keeps you straight even on rough ground
  • COVER: Beautiful, padded cover is included
  • hARNESS: One pull is all it takes to adjust this 3-point harness
  • bAG CLIPS: bag clips to the handlebar
  • sTRAP: strap for attaching to other luggage
  • sHOULDER STRAPS: removable shoulder straps
  • CHANGING MAT: Changing Mat Included

Weight and Dimensions Chart

  • Carrycot: 4 kg
  • Carrycot with frame and while: 13 kg
  • seat unit: 5 kg
  • seat unit with frame and wheels: 14 kg
  • frame without wheels: 6 kg
  • frame with wheels: 9 kg
  • car seat: 3.2 kg


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