Before our baby was born in Spring 2019 we went on the search like all new parents looking for the perfect pram/stroller.


After spending weeks online doing our research we found the one we wanted, the Invictus Pram. It was an exciting day when we were able to open the box which revealed so much more than just a pram, there was a fabulous matching luxury changing bag, cup holder,raincover and even a insect net and of course the necessary carseat so all we needed to get where sheets and blankets for the mattress, luckily most of those we got as gifts !    


So ,it came with absolutely everything we needed to take our baby on walks in all weather conditions from the day he was born and we are still using it today when he is 2 years old.


The wheels are great for all terrains, we have tried and tested it on all surfaces, from a walk down the road to taking it on a hike up a mountain our baby just loved it and enjoyed the ride. It was easy to manoeuvre and control, the handlebar is a great height if you are tall and can be adjusted easily for people of any height.


The pram and pushchair parts can be put on in any direction so your child can either face you and or face the world.


I will start with the pram part that has a comfortable mattress, we also used it sometimes as a baby crib on its own, you can just place it on the floor and its a crib. There is also an option to raise the mattress where the baby's head is so as the baby grows older it can lift its head and look around. THe cover works great for the sun and has an extra sun shade. It can also be extended by opening the zip which also serves the purpose of allowing airflow.


Once we moved over to using the toddler seat we were able to compact the pram piece and store it for the future.


The style of the Invictus drew much attention with people stopping us in the street asking where we bought it from and wanting more information on the pram.


The storage area underneath can fit everything, it really is large enough to fit in your shopping and anything you need for your baby while out. It is secure when going uphill, things don't fall out. There is a flap that makes it smaller and covers what's inside or you can open the flap and it makes it even bigger to fit more in.


We moved over to the regular toddler seat and we are really pleased with the look the comfort and safety. The hood is a great cover and has a zip window to look at your baby and extend the hood. It also comes with a great rain cover which comes in handy in Manchester. The leg rest can be easily moved up or down and the bar can be taken off if needed.


It also came with hand warmers for us which match the style of the Invictus and also a feet/body warmer for the baby which we use the entire winter, which really keeps our son warm and comfortable.


The fold is super easy and the whole buggy can be compacted to fit in the boot of our car which is a hatchback. If you really want to compact it more the wheels can click off so it can easily be put in the car and it's very quick to put it all together. We found it so easy to clean and lubricate so it always looked great and moved perfectly.


Overall we are still so happy we went for the Invictus and would highly recommend it for the safety, comfort, ease of use and style.